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The 2015 Ghost Ranch Retreat is now open. We are accepting abstracts through September 4th.

Click this LINK to register for the retreat. 

Email abstracts to David Piacenti at dpiacent@msudenver.edu by Friday September 4th! 


The Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center, near Abiquiu, NM, is the site of the HPSFAA's annual fall retreat, held this year from September 24th - September 27th. The retreat is a mini-conference set in a relaxed atmosphere and with time for social events. It is a great way to socialize with other members amidst the beauty of the northern New Mexico landscape. The board of directors also usually meets to discuss informant society issues and get input from members. Ghost Ranch is a beautiful place to explore and we truly hope you all are able to attend.


The Ghost Ranch Retreat is an informal event, with flexible schedules and minimal set programming. In addition to some short papers by members and students, past retreats have included workshops, meetings, and even a scavenger hunt/cultural tour of the surrounding area! 

We, at Thirty-Five:

An Anthem for the High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology

Thirty-Fifth Anniversary, Ghost Ranch, NM.  24-27 September 2015

Howard F. Stein © 2015

We began in 1980,

feet solidly in the last century.

Who’d have thought

we’d survive to thirty-five,

let alone thrive?


Each generation,

itself pioneers and founders,

like those who preceded them  

and helped them make their way

as confident inheritors,

nourishing them while

making room for them as well.


Teachers and students –

teachers as students

of students, students

as teachers of teachers,

as generations entwine

a double helix of devotion

to a group created

to help people

around the world

solve problems,

improve their lives,

and feel valued

while doing so.


A miracle of inspiration

and toil, and a wager

on the future of the earth.

What a bountiful thirty-five years

it has been! What a foundation

for the future we have built!  

News Updates

Thursday, September 24, 2015 5:00 PM • Abiquiu (Ghost Ranch Conference Center), New Mexico

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