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Food Service and College Operations: A Business Anthropological Case Study, USA

Robert G. Tian, Lela Gramling, Robin Byrd, Linwood Epps, Daniella Keith, and Ryan Lick

Business anthropologists have attempted to solve various problems within particular firms using ethnographic techniques, which have become increasingly popular in business industries worldwide. Consumer behavior and marketing strategies in the food industry have been studied extensively. The goal of this study is to use anthropological methods to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of food-service management on one college campus. The authors hope this research will provide a comprehensive overview of managerial methods and highlight areas for improvement within the structure of the food service at an educational institution. Please note that the questionnaires employed in this study are not reprinted here but are available upon request from the principal author.

The Applied Anthropologist, No. 1, Vol. 28, 2008, pp 60 - 75

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