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This blog is for announcements of service opportunities in fields that would be of likely interest to our members. This includes service on boards; as volunteers for organizations; and community service, as well as other opportunities for (generally unpaid) service to the academic community or the public at large. Please be sure to provide contact information, deadlines, and other important information in your announcement. Note that you must be a member to add new postings. If you are not a member but wish to add an announcement, please contact the webmaster.

Note: It is the poster's responsibility to ensure that the material in their post is formatted properly, and that all posted links (including email address or URL) are working properly. Use the "Link" button in the tool bar above the page to add active links if needed. You should also delete your posting when any deadline passes, or if the opportunity is no longer available. Attached files are not allowed.

This is not a site for commercial advertising. Postings that advertise good or services will be removed.

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